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3 Person Rotation – 2015

Seattle Fire Department, High Performance CPR, Training Video, 2015

FirstNet To Team Up with Public Safety on Applications

Seattle Fire Department’s Chris Lombard says that first responders have demonstrated remarkable creativity by developing applications that meet the needs of first responders and to keep communities safe and secure.

“First responders today have created applications that meet a particular need within their community,” said Lombard, who also serves on the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). “That’s a perfect example of the type of continuous innovation that we’re looking to enable.”

Once deployed, FirstNet will continue to be set apart from commercial wireless networks for the many unique features the network will offer to public safety. The FirstNet network will provide for an innovative device and application ecosystem to put lifesaving technology in the hands of all first responders. To meet the growing and changing technology needs of public safety, FirstNet has identified three key strategies to advance the application ecosystem.

1. Develop a rich set of applications for use by public safety;
2. Require applications to be driven by the needs of public safety; and,
3. Provide for the capabilities for the full life cycle of applications.

As applications transform the way public safety users perform their duties, a robust application ecosystem will be key to enabling the anywhere, anytime access to mission-critical data, information, and intelligence that first responders require and so richly deserve.

Detectives Need Your Help Locating A Possible Homicide Witness

Detectives need your help locating and identifying three people seen near an early July University District homicide.
On July 7th at 8:10 AM officers responded to assist the Seattle Fire Department who was providing CPR to a 42-year-old man in the 4500 block of University Way Northeast. The man later died of injuries detectives believe were caused in a fight disturbance minutes earlier. Homicide detectives now need your help identifying and finding three people seen near the scene.

If you have any information in this case please contact detectives at 206-233-5000.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Learn more about how to stay safe this Thanksgiving.

Video Credit: Bothell Fire Department

“It’s Wise to be Careful” Fire Prevention, 1951

Original format: 16mm, black and white, sound

An animated public service announcement about household fire safety created by the National Board of Fire Underwriters for the Seattle Fire Department.

Item 841, Record Series 2801-11, Seattle Municipal Archives

[Traffic Cam & Scanner] SFD MAYDAY call at a house fire

On July 25th, 2018, Seattle Fire units responded to a house fire in the north Seattle neighborhood of Wedgewood.

While conducting venting operations, a firefighter fell through the roof into the attic, resulting in a Mayday call. Thankfully, the firefighter suffered only minor injuries and was able to exit the house via the front door.

Video highlights:
0:30 – Ladder 9 (tiller truck) is seen responding with Medic 16
1:26 – Safety Chief is seen responding
2:25 – Operations Deputy is seen responding
3:28 – Command / ICS Support (Staf10) and Medical supervisor (M44) are seen responding
4:57 – MAYDAY call is broadcast
6:53 – Remaining units are ordered off the rooftop
7:48 – Ladder 10 is seen responding

Wedgewood House Fire

Initial dispatch:
Aid 31, Air 10, Battalion 4, Battalion 6, Deputy Chief (DEP1), Engine 16, Engine 17, Engine 39, Engine 40, Ladder 5, Ladder 9, Medic 16, Medic 44 (Medical supervisor), Fire Marshall (MAR5), Safety Chief (SAFT2), Command/ICS support (STAF10)

First request for additional Engines: E31, E38

Additional units: Rehab1, Medic 31, Ladder 10, Engine 21, Engine 22, Public Information Officer (PIO)

Seattle Fire Station 22 Open House

Please join us for the Seattle Fire Station 22 Open House on February 3, 2018 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at 901 E. Roanoke St. We hope to see you there!

Station 22 Open House – Rotary Invitation – Final

Members of the public and Seattle 4 Rotary Club are invited to attend our Station 22 Open House on February 3 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at 901 E. Roanoke St. Join us at 11 a.m. for a special planting of the first Peace Pole in front of the station.

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