July 27, 2021

Entire Station 17 responding to a car rollover. Sorry for my co-worker and I being annoying in the background!

July 26, 2021

FireTech Seattle Headquarters Tour with Sam | Seattle Fire Department | HiVizLEDS. 💥 💥 💥 HOPE YOU GUYS LEARNED & ENJOYED SOMETHING FROM THIS VIDEO! 👉 If you enjoy this video, Please like and share it. 👉 Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel & press the bell 🔔 for more updates. 👉 Subscribe now

July 25, 2021

Walk around this Enforcer™ Non-Walk-In HDR for Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority with Captain Brandon Phillips. The raised roof will allow department members to put their dry suits and power garments on inside the cab when responding to swift water rescue calls. There is also storage for rescue helmets and fire gear in a compartment

July 24, 2021

My biggest catch so far! On July 24th, 2021, I filmed a huge Seattle fire response for a reported train derailment with fire in north Seattle. I’d barely managed to park before the parade of units started passing me, so unfortunately I was still in my car for the Hazmat truck and the chief parade,

July 23, 2021

We have picked the top 5 best Firefighter movies that you have to watch. The Plot of the movies is primary involving firefighters or related fire/rescue service work and their firefighting activities. Discover the best… 🍿 popcorn machine: https://amzn.to/2XLcTCX 🌍 VPN service: https://nordvpn.org/communitv ❤️ cTV merchandise: https://bit.ly/2YNbkES 📹 YouTube tool: https://www.tubebuddy.com/communitv 👨🏽‍💻 Fiverr freelancer: https://bit.ly/3fNGou0

July 22, 2021

This is a house fire that we had on May 9th, 2015. The fire was confined to one bedroom with some minor extension into the attic. The house is balloon frame construction which is very typical in Newark. I missed an good opportunity to order a transitional attack when the first engine arrived. A ten

July 21, 2021

This fire occurred on 10-31-16 in Newark, Ohio. One occupant was home when the fire started. No injuries occurred, to both civilian and fire personnel. Newark Fire Department staffing was at 16 and responded with two engines, one ladder, 3 medic units and one battalion chief. Prevention-1 and EMS-1 are both 40-hour staff and assisted

July 20, 2021

SEATTLE — Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is hosting dozens of COVID-19 vaccine clinics at its campuses for middle and high school students in the coming weeks. The clinics are in partnership with the city of Seattle, Public Health – Seattle & King County and the Seattle Fire Department. More than 50 clinics will happen in