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[Traffic Cam & Scanner] SFD Vault Response Team responding/arriving

On April 18th, 2019, Seattle Fire units responded to an electrical problem at the Google building in Fremont. The initial engine on scene (Engine 9) requested the Vault Response Team, due to a possible electrical vault fire. Vault team arrives at 2:03.

The Vault Response Team is a group of specially trained fire fighters who deal with electrical fires in underground or confined electrical vaults. The team consists of a Power and C02 Truck (P25), Engine 25, Ladder 10 and Aid 25. They also partner with units from Seattle City Light.

You can see a non traffic camera video of P25 and the Vault Team responding here:

Here’s a demonstration of using C02 to extinguish a fire **skip to 8:08**

Article about the Vault Response Team:

Article about the incident from this video:

Article about 2 electrical fires in Seattle, with an inside SFD POV:

Units on this incident :
Initial units: Engine 9, Ladder 8
Added once the call was upgraded to “Vault Fire (Electrical)”:
Engines 8, 18, 20, 25
Ladders 6, 10
Battalions 4, 6, SAFT2, DEP1, STAF10
Medic 17, Aid 2 and 25
P25, Air 10

Thanks for watching! Sorry about the lack of uploads lately; I’ve been sick for about a month. Hopefully I’ll be all the way better soon!

Airport Emergency Response Exercise

This July, the Port of Seattle Fire Department, with help from numerous fire and rescue departments from the region, held its triennial staging of a simulated aircraft accident for the purpose of practicing the rescue process.

Todd Fire, December 5, 1967

Original format: 16mm, color, silent

Footage of the Seattle Fire Department fighting a fire by the waterfront on December 5, 1967.

Item 6705, Record Series 2801-11, Seattle Municipal Archives

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