Please join us for our panel discussion on the future of public safety wireless spectrum use and access. As first responders, it is critical to know and understand the wireless spectrum landscape, how current activities within the FCC directly impact public safety spectrum access, and how that all translates to being highly connected and situationally aware in our work. Broadband use for public safety is growing rapidly. The current and emerging technologies will be critical as service demands grow for first responders. Without ample and diverse spectrum availability exclusively assigned to first responders, the reliability of life-saving hardware and software could be compromised. Our panel of public safety professionals will discuss use-case scenarios that demonstrate the expanding spectrum needs and speak to the criticality of preserving all of the broadband spectrum that has been allocated for the sole use of first responders.

Panelists: Martha Ellis, Moderator; Chief Jeff Johnson (Ret); Karl Wilmes, Chief of Police (Retired), Federal Heights, Colorado; Christopher Lombard, Battalion Chief, Seattle Fire Department; Charles Laird, NC Department of Information and Technology


Broadband Spectrum, Broadband Use, Emergency Communication, Future Technologies, Public Safety Professionals, Public Safety Spectrum, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics, Spectrum Allocation, Wireless Spectrum

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