At 3:32 pm on January 31, 2024, four SFD units were dispatched to a fire alarm with sprinkler activation at the Hobson Place supportive housing apartments. Battalion 5, Engine 6, Engine 30, and Ladder 3 were the only units dispatched as protocol, but three minutes after arriving on scene, a full response was requested for smoke visible from an upper floor. The fire was brought under control by sprinkler system, and Seattle Fire crews extinguished the fire. However, water from the sprinklers and hoses caused serious flooding and water damage in the building. The incident lasted one hour and forty-two minutes.
0:00 – SDOT camera operator takes notice, 2x SPD responding, with onlookers
1:00 – SDOT camera pans up the building, flashing fire alarm lights visible
1:25 – SFD firefighters moving hose around the sidewalk
3:00 – Station 10 / Command units arrive: E10, L1, SAFT2, DEP1, STAF10, A10, M44
4:20 – Station 25 units arrive: E25, B2, L10
9:10 – 1x SPD unit arrives to block S Plum Street
12:00 – R1 arrives, then cancelled
12:55 – AIR10 arrives
13:35 – REHAB1 arrives
Seattle FD units dispatched were: A10, A14*, AIR10, B2, B5, B6, DEP1, E10, E13, E25, E30, E6, L1, L10, L3, M1, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, and STAF10.
*A14 is staffed by R1, and does not always respond to calls.

Seattle FD units seen in this video were: A10, AIR10, B2, DEP1, E10, E25, L1, L10, M44, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, and STAF10.

SFD B-Shift
Told you I hadn’t given up on Seattle! I have a few more uncut footage videos, they just take a while to edit the audio and import/export. Also stay tuned for more videos outside Seattle, and outside of the state?!
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