Key Points:

1) While holding a MB, start this exercise in a tall position with the feet hip width apart.

2) There are 6 total lunges to complete on each side: (1) FWD Lunge; (2) Diagonal FWD Lunge; (3) Lateral Lunge; (4) Warrior 2 Lunge; (5) Reverse Lunge; (6) Drop Step Lunge.

3) Complete all 6 lunges on one side and repeat the same 6 lunges on the opposite side. This is considered one rep per side.

4) Complete this exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions for each side.

5) Exercise Regression: Lunge Matrix (Level 1). Repeat the above steps without a MB (as a bodyweight exercise).

6) Exercise Progression: Lunge Matrix (Level 3). Repeat the above steps with a MB. Add a chest press with each lunge (see level 3 video for reference).


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