Bellevue police are asking for the public’s help locating a woman they say stole a Seattle firefighter’s wallet, racking up $8,500 worth of purchases at the Bellevue Square mall.

Neil Junkin is a firefighter with the Seattle Fire Department and he runs a business on the side where he puts up Christmas lights for the elderly in his community.

On Nov. 21, Junkin was in Seattle putting lights on a house when he said he realized his wallet had been stolen out of his truck.

Next thing he knew, Junkin received text messages about unusual spending behavior racking up $8,500 in purchases.

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Following a series of gang-related shootings, residents of Seattle’s Central District held a forum to discuss their worries about overall crime and violence.

Even though the forum was organized in less than 24 hours, dozens of worried residents showed up and voiced their concerns. They described the Central District as an environment festering with fear and growing frustration.

The meeting comes after two rolling gunfights in the Central District this week. On Monday, Seattle police found bullet damage across several blocks following a suspected gang shootout near 21st and Union. Despite the shootings, nobody was hurt.

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