Key Points:

1) Begin in a quadruped position (both hands and knees on the ground) and push the hips back to sit on the heels. Maintain straight arms while doing so.

2) Return to the quadruped position. Step into a high plank (both legs extended, knees off the ground) with the feet hip width apart.

3) Transition into a downward facing dog by pushing the hips up to the ceiling, while driving the hands into the ground.

4) Hands should be shoulder width apart, with active arms (press into the ground, arms straight)

5) As you push up hips up, think about moving the chest towards the top of your thighs.

6) Stop until you feel a gentle stretch in the hamstrings. Allow your knees to bend if needed.

7) Return to the high plank position, and step back into the quadruped position.

8) Repeat these steps to complete several repetitions.


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