At 3:41 pm on November 11, 2023, the Seattle Fire Department responded to a report of a kite surfer in distress approximately 2-3 miles offshore at Golden Gardens Park in northwest Seattle. This prompted a water rescue response from the department, however many of the closest units were tied up with an assault incident just eight minutes away. The largest station in the 4th Battalion, Station 18 ten minutes away, had all four units assigned to the stabbing. Engine 35, five minutes away, was the closest unit. This was not the only unfortunate circumstance- Engine 5, the company that operates the department’s fire and rescue boats, were pre-occupied with a medical emergency. Seattle Fire dispatch assigned another unit to the EMS call so Engine 5 could get to the rescue boats. Luckily for the kite surfer, they were not in immediate distress, but needed some assistance getting back to shore. An SFD rescue boat was able to bring the uninjured surfer back to dry land. The incident lasted forty-four minutes.

ALSO- Didn’t notice this until about five minutes after posting this, but Medic 44 (EMS supervisor) is responding to the assault call, not the water rescue. Whoops! Still some nice angles though.
0:00 – E35 responding
0:12 – E24 responding
0:21 – L5 responding
0:32 – M44 responding (1)
0:40 – M44 responding (2)
0:43 – M44 responding (3)
0:54 – B6 responding
1:00 – B2 responding (1)
1:07 – B2 responding (2)
No audio available for this incident. Recorded audio didn’t sync well enough with the footage, so I left it out.
Units dispatched were: A14*, B2, B6, E24, E35, E6, FB2, L5, M31, PTRL4, R1, RB5, R1, RB5, and SAFT2

Units dispatched seen in this video were: B2, B6, E24, E35, and L5.

SFD D-Shift
A shorter video, but it has the feel of my older videos! I moved the unit names in the video to the top-right corner so the video progress bar doesn’t get in the way.
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