Key Points:

1) Stand close to the bar with the feet approximately hip width apart.

2) Begin the movement by hinging at the hips and slightly bending the knees to grab the bar. The hands should be placed just outside of the shins. (You may also start this movement with the barbell racked just below hip level).

3) Place the bar over the midfoot and brace the core. The shins should be vertical.

4) While maintaining a flat back, push the feet into the ground to lift the bar. Focus on the hamstring muscle doing all of the work.

5) Keep the Barbell close to the body as you lift up.

6) Pause at this step as this is considered the starting position, when the shoulders are directly over the hips.

7) Brace the core and lower the bar by initiating the movement with a hip hinge. The end range of this movement will be just below the knee (approximately 1 – 3 inches). The barbell does not touch the ground. Return to the upright position and repeat.

8) Once all repetitions have been completed lower the bar to the ground.

9) Repeat these steps for the prescribed number of repetitions.


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