Key Points:

1) Position the J Hooks (J cups) just below shoulder height.

2) Grab the bar just outside of shoulder width with an overhand grip. The feet should be approximately shoulder width apart.

3) Brace the core and maintain a flat lower back as you unrack the barbell and step away from the rack.

4) Tilt your head back slightly and look up. This well help ensure the bar does not come in contact with your chin while pressing overhead.

5) Begin the movement pushing the barbell straight overhead.

6) Be sure to maintain a flat lower back while pressing overhead. The ribcage should stay down.

7) Lower the barbell in a controlled manner and return to the starting position.

8) Continue your set for the prescribed number of repetitions.

9) Once all reps are complete, rest the bar on the shoulders (like a front squat) and rack the barbell.

10) When racking the bar, be sure that the barbell touches both sides of the squat rack and slide down until safely secured by the J-cups (hooks).


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