The word on the side of the truck says “Fire Department” but that isn’t ALL that we do! Not only do we fight fires, but all our members are also trained in EMS, Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Ice Water Rescue, and Hazmat (to name a few). What does this mean? You’ll never have a boring day at work! With the variety in training the Wausau Fire Department provides and our top level instructors, you’ll never feel stuck. You’ll quickly and continually progress into the person you would want as your partner on a call. If you’re a resident of Wausau, you can know that the Wausau Fire Department is ready to answer the call no matter the complexity or danger thanks to the variety of situations they are prepared for!

Not only is the training exciting but the equipment we use on a hazmat call is cool too! That’s why we’re excited to give you an in-depth look at our Hazardous Incident Response Team Vehicle. There’s a lot of technology and tools packed into this rig. Let us know what you find the coolest!

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