Key Points:

1) Start position: Feet hip width apart, KB in the front rack position on either side (you should be able to touch the chin with an extended index finger, and the collarbone an extended the thumb)

2) While keeping a strong core, open up with the leading leg and pivot into a forward lunge position (90- degree rotation). This motion should occur on the same side as the KB.

3) The pivoting motion should occur on the trailing leg. Be sure to completely rotate the hips and shoulders throughout the 90-degree pivot.

4) The feet should start and end hip width apart as you complete the movement.

5) The torso and back leg should form a straight line (shoulder to knee), with a slightly forward lean.

6) The back knee should hover above the ground approximately 1-3 inches (don’t touch the ground). The front knee should be in line with the front foot.

7) Push off the front leg and pivot back into the starting position

8) Repeat these steps on the opposite side for the prescribed number of repetitions.


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