Complete this exercise using a Safety Squat Bar (SSB). The SSB shown here is called a Transformer Bar (designed by Kabuki Strength).
Key Points:
1) Unrack the bar and take one step back with each foot so that the feet are should width apart (make adjustments as needed)
2) Descend into a squat by initiating the movement with your hips (think: sit back), and then lowering the hips to the ground
3) The shins should move forward as you lower the hips to the ground
4) Lower the hips as low as you are comfortably able to go. Ideally to the point when the thighs are parallel to the floor
5) Push your feet into the ground and return to the starting position
6) KEY POINT: Compound lifts (or multi-joint movements) such as this require proper breathing mechanics to brace the core. Use diaphragmatic breathing before lowering into the squat pattern to accomplish this. Exhale when you return to the starting position.


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