Original format: 16mm, black & white, silent (transferred from Digital Betacam copy)

Silent footage of the dedication ceremony for the Seattle Fire Department Station 22 (located at Broadway East and East Roanoke Street). Footage includes hots of exterior and interior of fire station including Fire Engine 22 and firefighting equipment. City Councilmember Ray L. Eckmann (who at the time was on the SCC’s Public Safety Committee) arrives at the station in 1924-vintage fire engine wearing a fake moustache and an old-fashioned firefighter uniform and proceeds to “engage in shenanigans.” Rev. William Treacy (St. Patrick’s Church) gives the invocation. Fire Chief Gordon Vickery gives a speech, while a crowd including Mayor J.D. (Dorm) Braman, Councilmember Wing Luke, other City officials and the public, looks on.

NOTE: This station replaced the old Station 22 which was located at 1064 E Howe Street.

Item 865, Record Series 2801-11, Seattle Fire Department Moving Images


analog, archival film, archival footage, archival videotape, City of Seattle, historic Seattle, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics, Seattle history, Seattle Municipal Archives

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