Original format: 16mm, color, silent (transferred from Digital Betacam copy)

Footage of the Far Western Classic round of the “Put Up or Clam Up International Clam-Eating Contest” outside of Fire Station 5, located next to Ivar’s Acres of Clams (1001 Alaskan Way Pier 54), on the Seattle waterfront. Ivar’s can be seen in the background. Contestants (all Seattle firefighters) eat clams while being watched by judges. Seattle firefighter, Bill Ormbreck is crowned the winner after eating 154 clams in six minutes. The Put Up or Clam Up International Clam-Eating Contest was part of the 97th International Association of Fire Chiefs’ convention. Morrie Alhadeff served as the master of ceremonies. Additional firefighters competing in the contest include Ken Heigh, Jack LaVassar, Ed Davee, Noble McInnis, and Rod Mehus. Judges include Ward Roney, Joe James, Waldo Dahl, Bob Hardwick, Verlene Riddle, and John Reddin. Clams were supplied by Ivar’s. Fire Chief Gordon Vickery can be seen observing the contest. Ormbreck is crowned the clam-eating champion by “Miss Halibut Cheeks” Cindy Gordon. Footage also includes protestors carrying signs reading “Beds are for Clams,” “Register all Clam Guns,” “Register Clam Guns, Not Commies,” “Leave Drilling to the Dentists,” “K.V.I. S.F.D. Ivars Unfair to Clams,” “Stick Up Your Necks and Be Counted,” “Make Ft. Lawton a Clam Preserve,” “Return Ft. Lawton to the Clams,” and “Make Love, Not Clams” while walking in a circle outside of Fire Station 5 (the Alaskan Way Viaduct can be seen in the background). The protestors then parade past the table set up for the clam eating contest, directed by an announcer. The protest appears to be a joke and part of the festivities.

Item 862, Record Series 2801-11, Seattle Fire Department Moving Images


analog, archival film, archival footage, archival videotape, City of Seattle, historic Seattle, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics, Seattle history, Seattle Municipal Archives

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