At 12:04 pm on May 19, 2023, the Seattle Fire Department responded to a rescue extrication at the intersection of 4th Avenue S and S Royal Brougham Way for a collision. Just as units were dispatched, the response was reduced to only Engine 10 when it was learned all occupants were able to extricate the vehicles. The video appears to show several men in matching dark blue uniforms helping the driver of the van exit the rolled over van, who, based on dispatch audio, may have been Coast Guard personnel. Ladder 1 was requested to assist with chemicals in the vehicle which appeared to be a work van, and AMR transported the driver in presumably stable condition. The entire incident lasted fifty minutes.
0:00 – Collision occurs
0:11 – Bystanders, possibly Coast Guard, assist the drivers
0:14 – 1x SPD arrives on scene
0:29 -Van driver climbs out of vehicle with assistance
0:51 – E10 (reserve) arrives on scene, SDOT takes notice
1:09 – E10 lays pre-connect hose in case of fire
0:39 – SDOT operator reorients camera
1:32 – 3x SPD arrives on scene, one stays, two are not needed
1:48 – Tow truck arrives on scene
2:05 – SDOT arrives on scene
2:13 – AMR arrives on scene
2:27 – AMR unloads gurney
2:34 – SDOT flips van over
2:47 – Second tow truck arrives on scene
3:11 – L1 arrives on scene
3:23 – AMR transporting patient
3:29 – SDOT mops up
This is real audio recorded from the radio scanner. It is important to know that the audio is NOT synced with video. These audio clips are put together one after another while in real life they would be spread out around thirty minutes. In addition, some audio clips are cut out of this video.

0;12 – Dispatch: Engine 10, I’m gonna leave you on this, Coast Guard has extracted the individual out of the vehicle, all other units responding to 4 Avenue South, South Royal Brougham Way Code Green (return to service), all units responding to 4 Avenue South, South Royal Brougham Way Code Green, except for Engine 10.
0;34 – R1: Dispatch from Rescue 1, confirming all units are Code Green except Engine 10?
0;42 – Dispatch: That’s affirmative Rescue 1.
1;05 – Dispatch: Go ahead Engine 10. Go ahead Engine 10, Channel 3 (rescue operations channel).
1;09 – E10: Dispatch from Engine 10, this is confirmed two vehicles MVI (motor vehicle incident), all occupants are out.
1;15 – Dispatch: Okay Engine 10, two vehicles, MVI, all patients are out.
1;34 – E10: Dispatch, Engine 10 on Channel 3.
1;37 – Dispatch: Go ahead Engine 10.
1;40 – E10: If you could upgrade this incident to HazMat Minor, add Ladder 1 on to it to assist for chemicals in the back of the van that’s on its side.
1;50 – Dispatch: “Haz Minor.” Okay. Just Ladder 1?
1;53 – E10: Yes. Just Ladder 1 for the time being.
2;13 – Dispatch: Ladder 1, Haz Light response, 4 Avenue South, South Royal Brougham Way. Ladder 1, Haz Light response, 4 Avenue South, South Royal Brougham Way.
3;13 – L1: Ladder 1, is at, 4 Avenue South and South Royal Brougham Way.
3:19 – Dispatch: Engine 10 requested your presence for some chemicals inside the back of a van that was involved in an MVI.
SFD units dispatched were: A14, B2, B5, E10, E6, L1, L3, M1, M44, R1, and SAFT2

SFD units seen in this video were: E10, L1, 4x SPD, 1x SDOT, 1x AMR
This is certainly the most severe collision I’ve caught on camera, and a good angle too. It’s very fortunate it did not appear anyone was seriously injured.
There is a small editing mistake in this video when the audio claims all occupants are out before the video shows it. Whoops.
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