At 2:55 pm on March 27, 2023, the Seattle Fire Department responded to a fire-in-building at the Franklin High School in South Seattle, WA. It’s a bit unclear of what was found, but there was at least a small fire. According to SFD, a fire was found in one classroom on the second floor. The fire was extinguished and crews worked to ventilate smoke. The incident lasted 1 hour and 26 minutes.
0:00 – M44 responding
0:07 – E10, A5 responding
0:19 – L1, E28, SAFT2, DEP1, B2 responding
0:40 – L1 responding (secondary view)
0:45 – E5 responding
0:49 – L1 responding (tertiary view)
0:56 – E5 responding (secondary view)
1:04 – AIR10 responding
1:10 – L4 responding
1:18 – M28 responding
1:22 – M28 responding (secondary view)
This is real audio recorded from the radio scanner. It is important to know that the audio is NOT synced with video. These audio clips are put together one after another while in real life they would be spread out around thirty minutes.

0;00 – Dispatch: Engine 30, fire response, 3013 South Mount Baker Boulevard.
0;04 – E30: Engine 30, 3013 South Mount Baker Boulevard.
0;09 – Dispatch: Battalion 5. Battalion ____ (6? 2?)
0;17 – B2: Battalion 2 okay.
0;21 – Dispatch: Fire on floor ___. There’s a hydrant at 30 Avenue South and South Hanford, another one at 32 Avenue South and South Hanford.
0;32 – E30: Dispatch, Engine 30 is at 3013- 3013 Mount Baker Boulevard South, we have a report of a fire knocked down floor three, room 305. Engine 30 will investigate with pump can (fire extinguisher) and relay information. General fire SOG (standard operating guidelines) in effect. Establishing Mount Baker Command.
1;00 – Dispatch: Engine 30 at location, reports of fire on floor three by room 305, said to be knocked down, responding up with extinguishers, Engine 30 establishing Mount Baker Command, general fire SOG (standard operating guidelines) in effect.
1;16 – Mount Baker Command (E30): Dispatch, Mount Baker Command, unable to do a 360 (scene size-up) due to size, additional engine companies responding give me a 360 (scene size-up), reported we still have a minor fire on floor three.
SFD units dispatched were: A14, A5, AIR10, B2, B6, DEP1, E10, E28, E30, E36, E5, E6, L1, L3, L4, M28, M44, MAR5, PIO, REHAB1, SAFT2, and STAF10.

SFD units seen in this video were: A5, AIR10, B2, DEP1, E10, E28, E5, L1, L4, M28, M44, and SAFT2.
Right after filming this, a motor vehicle collision occurred in the area. I still had the cameras rolling, and I caught it on video. Check out the video of the blind spot mishap.

This channel and its content is inspired HEAVILY by LucasFirebuffing’s channel, “SeattleTrafficCams.” I highly recommend you check him out, his videos are very well made: @seattletrafficcams


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