At 12:56 PM on February 25, 2023, the Seattle Fire Department responded to a water rescue at 925 Alaskan Way for a report of a subject jumping from the Bainbridge Island / Seattle ferry.
Crews arrived quickly and were given an updated location, which is why the units turn around in the video.
Washington State Ferries were able to rescue the patient, and later brought the patient to shore.

Units dispatched were A14, B2, B5, E10, E2, E5, FB2, L1, L3, M1, M44, PTRL4, R1, RB5, and SAFT2.

Units seen in this video are L1, E10, L3, M1, M44, B2, SAFT2, E2, E4 Transport, R1.

It was quite lucky to catch most of the response from two nice camera angles, both on Alaskan Way. Engine 4 Transport was the unit of the day; a rarely-seen pick-up truck used to transport firefighters between Seattle fireboats.

0:00 – L1, E10, L3 responding
0:20 – M1, M44 (left side of screen) responding
0:29 – B2, E10, L3 responding
0:52 – L1, SAFT2, E2 responding
1:17 – E4 Transport, R1 responding
1:25 – L3, E10, L1 responding
1:48 – E2, E10, L1 responding
2:06 – L3, SAFT2 responding
2:16 – E2 responding
2:24 – E4 Transport, R1 responding
2:33 – B2, E10 leaving scene

This is real audio recorded from the radio scanner. It is important to know that the audio is NOT synced with video. These audio clips are put together one after another while in real life they would be spread out around ten minutes.

Dispatch: Engine 10, water rescue.

RB5: Rescue Boat 5 is responding from Station 25.

Dispatch: Okay Rescue Boat 5, responding from Station 25.

E10: Engine 10 responding, rescue water response, 925 Alaskan Way.

Dispatch: Engine 10 this is a report, second-hand information of a jumper jumping off of the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry.

E10: …925 Alaskan Way, will be establishing Alaskan Way Command, water rescue SOG (standard operation guideline) is in effect.

Dispatch: Engine 10 at location, you are Alaskan Way Command, water rescue SOG in effect.

E10 (Command): All units from Engine 10, this is reported to be at the ferry terminal.

E2: Dispatch, Engine 2 is gonna assume command.

Dispatch: Engine 2 at location, assuming Alaskan Command.

M44: Dispatch, Medic 44, have all personnel respond to the far north bay, per Washington State Ferries.

Dispatch: All units responding to water rescue response, respond to the north bay. Respond to the north bay.

B2: Battalion 2 is at location.

Dispatch: Battalion 2 at. Alaskan Command, your rescue swimmers are on Engine 10 and Ladder 3.

E2 (Command): Command okay.

B2: Command from Battalion 2, what is your location?

M44: Command from Medic 44, I’m following Washington State Ferry staff, it says someone jumped off a ferry, they’ve been recovered by ferry personnel, and are now coming in on a boat at the very far north end of the terminal where the medic you and I are going to.

E2 (Command): Command okay, Battalion 2, we are right behind Ladder 3 at the ferry terminal.

B2 (Command): Dispatch from Alaskan Command, we confirmed with ferry personnel the person has been retrieved from the water, the ferry is headed to Bainbridge Island, they will not be returning to Seattle. We can Code Green the response.

Dispatch: Okay command, all units at or responding to the water rescue response, Code Green. Code Green.


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