Engine 25 of the Seattle Fire Department was initially dispatched non-priority to an investigation call at 10:33 pm on February 3, 2022 on E Republican Street, with a report of heavy smoke and the smell of burning plastic. Midway enroute, Engine 25 was upgraded to a priority response. Once on scene, Engine 25 upgraded the call to a full response for a residential structure fire.
The fire was under control in under ten minutes, but it took over an hour for crews to fully extinguish the fire in a two-story single-family residence, as hotspots and fire extensions in the walls made work difficult.
Engine 30 stayed for fire watch.

Units dispatched were A25, AIR10, B2, B6, DEP1, E10, E2, E22, E25, E30, E34, E6, L1, L10, L4, M1, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, and STAF10.

Units seen in this video are L1, AIR10, DEP1, B6, M1, M44, E2, L4, REHAB1, MAR5, and possibly STAF10 and SAFT2.

As usual, as soon as I’m about to go to bed, a major incident occurs. I’m surprised this video turned out as good as it did, because it felt like a mess while recording. I think I was able to ID most units. I noticed L4’s Belltown rear graphic, E2’s American flag, and M1 and M44 responding together.
Administrative units are still hard, but they’ve gotten a bit easier. SAFT2 and STAF10 have “Seattle Fire” in gold cursive text, while DEP1 does not.

I was quite excited with seeing R1 responding from Station 10, that must be pretty rare.

I also liked the dramatic Q Siren courtesy of E30 at 0:53!

0:00 – L1, AIR10 responding
0:16 – DEP1 or SAFT2 responding
0:22 – B6 responding (three views)
0:37 – DEP1 or STAF10 responding
0:41 – M1, M44 responding (what an iconic duo!)
0:47 – E2 responding
0:56 – L4, DEP1 or STAF10 responding
1:02 – M1, M44 responding
1:44 – REHAB1 returning (two views)
1:53 – MAR5 responding

Bonus clips from the same time:
1:10 – E5 on scene of a collision at Pine Street and 5th Avenue
1:23 – R1 responds to a fire alarm from Station 10 (relieving E10 and L1)
1:35 – E5, R1 respond to a fire alarm on 5th Avenue


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