At 3:35 pm on February 2, 2023, the Seattle Fire Department responded to a structure fire in a 5-story apartment on Boren Avenue in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA.
Station 10 and 25 units arrived on scene first and determined there was no active fire. All units with the exception of E10 and L10. The two units cleared the scene at 4:00 pm, twenty-five minutes after the first dispatch.

Seattle traffic cameras, now featured from the Sahara Desert!

Units dispatched were A5, AIR10, B2, B5, DEP1, E10, E2, E25, E5, E6, L1, L10, L4, M28, M31, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, and STAF10.

Units seen in this video are A5, L1, AIR10, M31, SAFT2, DEP1, STAF10, E5, and M1.

0:00 – A5, L1, AIR10 responding
0:26 – M31 responding
0:31 – SAFT2, DEP1 responding
0:41 – SAFT2, DEP1 responding (alternate view)
0:51 – STAF10, E5, L1, A5, responding
1:15 – M1 responding


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