Footage shot December 23rd, 2022

0:00 – Pioneer Square
0:23 – Pike Place Market
1:00 – Seattle firefighters & police respond to vehicle crash at 1st Ave & Blanchard St
2:01 – Firefighters slide downhill to check if anyone’s pinned or injured
2:45 – Firefighters make their way uphill
3:27 – Firefighter: “Hey, good thing we didn’t try to go up this one. Alright, no hills…”
4:00 – Driver unable to drive VW Beetle up slight incline, into garage
5:50 – Aftermath of someone that fell near 6th Ave & Cherry St
8:16 – Two men fall, one face plants, results in a deep cut to his lip
10:17 – Cameraman’s traction attachment slips off right boot, results in a minor fall

Description/crash info…
Pedestrians and motorists try to go about their day after a rare Seattle ice storm. The fire department responded to a multi vehicle crash at 1st Avenue and Blanchard Street around 10am Friday. At least one person called 911 and said someone was pinned between vehicles, resulting in about a dozen fire and police units being dispatched. It took several minutes for firefighters to walk and slide onto the scene of 4-6 crashed vehicles. Once the first-arriving firefighters confirmed no one was pinned, the other fire department units still responding were called off and put back in service. Thankfully no one was pinned or hurt.


Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics

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