On December 26th, 2022, I captured a group of Seattle Fire units responding to a reported boat fire on Puget Sound about a mile offshore from Golden Gardens park. SFD land units staged at the park, while the fireboat investigated off shore. The fire ended up being extinguished by a North Kitsap fireboat, and SFD units were returned to service.

This was my first catch of the new Rescue 1 rig, which just went into service last month. I would have preferred a daytime catch, but this was definitely better than nothing! Edit: I just uploaded some B-Roll footage giving a better (daytime) look at the new rig: https://youtu.be/tQI5rAkCKCI

Other units captured included Safety 2 in a spare rig, and the Marine Emergency Response Team responding in Marine 1. Also, Fireboat 2 is barely visible as a flashing blue light on the left side of the screen, starting at 1:49.

Clip listing:
0:00 – Engine 35 responding
0:06 – Safety 2 responding
0:43 – Medic 44 responding
1:00 – Rescue 1 responding
1:39 – Rescue 1 on scene footage
2:17 – Engine 36 and Marine 1 responding
3:19 – Outro

Outro music: Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell, via the YouTube audio library.


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