On October 22nd, 2022, I captured footage of multiple SFD units responding to a water rescue call at Golden Gardens. I’d just parked in my driveway when the call came in over PulsePoint, so I was able to get on the scene fairly quickly (although the Station 18 units still beat me there). Unfortunately, this meant that I just had my cell phone, not my camera with the zoom.

The call was for a paddle boarder in distress. Units on scene located two paddle boarders offshore that did not appear to be in distress. SFD decided to splash a rescue swimmer to make contact with them, while putting most other units back in service. I’m not sure why they went with rescue swimmer vs the fire boat that arrived on scene shortly afterward, but I’m not complaining since it let me get a better shot of Rescue 80 and Rescue 1 Aerial.

Seattle Fire has been using Rescue 80, their spare rescue rig, for the past several months following an engine fire in Rescue 1. They also have a new Rescue rig, but it was apparently having mechanical issues following delivery so it’s still being worked on.

Rescue 80 is a 1995 Ford CF-8000 / Mobile Tech. I believe Rescue 1 Aerial is currently using the ex-Ladder 8 rig, a 2006 Spartan Gladiator Classic MFD / Crimson.

Clip listing:
0:00 – Battalion 6 and Aid 86 responding
0:26 – Rescue 80, Rescue 1 Aerial and Medic 44 responding
1:20 – Rescue 80 and Rescue 1 Aerial repositioning
2:13 – Distant shot of Rescue boat 5 clearing the scene
2:24 – Other units on scene and clearing the scene
3:15 – One more look at R80 clearing and R1A on scene
3:32 – Outro

Outro music: Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell, via the YouTube audio library.


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