Introducing the SEARAT – Seattle Rapid Access Tool by Ignition USA!

If you are looking for a great PassiveSoft Entry Tool with some other great features check this out!

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Check Below for a full list of details on this fantastic tool!

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The Ultimate Passive Entry Tool
The Seattle Rapid Access Tool (SEARAT) is designed to gain access to specific types of doors and latches widely used in both commercial and residential properties. However, it will take practice to be proficient at sizing-up doors to determine if this tool will be of use.

The Key Blade

Made for doors with latch guards installed where the loading pin is either ineffective, not installed, or the strike plate is not installed properly. The Key Blade works particularly well on doors set in a metal frame with or without a latch guard in combination with the pry bar.

Shove Knife

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We included a standard shove knife for those who like the tried and true.

Pry Bar

Used to separate the jam from the frame of inward swinging doors to gain access to the latch with the shove knife. It’s effective in gapping glass doors with lightweight metal frames and can be used to “Peel and Peek” behind moulding in car extrication to avoid cutting into problem areas.

Hex Head Wrenches

The wrenches are useful on fencing where the hardware is accessible, chainsaw bar nuts that are outset, and car battery cables where the connection points are not obstructed.

Confined Space, Trench Rescue and Structural Collapse

Speed Square

Four separate angles are built into the Key Blade. Each setting gives you the ability to quickly cut your lumber with the appropriate angles in the construction of raker shores.


The Key Blade has a quick reference ruler to help with cutting notches in lumber during construction of bracing in collapse rescue operations.

Gas Shut-Off Wrench

Always have the ability to secure the utilities. The SEARAT’s gas shut off wrench will work on commercial and residential gas meters.

Vehicle Extrication

Window Breaker

The protruding corner of the Key Blade acts as a window breaker. The slim design provides a comfortable fit in the hand allowing for a more natural hammer swing.

Seatbelt Cutter

A double-bladed seatbelt cutter on the end of the tool allows for quick and effective cutting of the safety belt for victim removal.

O2 Wrench

An oxygen wrench in the center of the tool allows you to quickly spin open your standard medical oxygen tank.


Connect the tool to your SCBA or gear with a retractable lanyard. Giving you the ability to drop-and-go as needed on emergency scenes, saving time.


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