If a fire starts INSIDE your apartment:
· Get out and close the door as you leave.
· Follow the EXIT signs, go to the nearest stairwell and leave the building.
· Do not go to a rooftop or balcony.
· If one stairwell is blocked, find another stairwell. Never use the elevator.
· Go outside and call 9-1-1 as quickly as possible. Tell the operator your language if you do not speak English.
· Do not wait in the building lobby and do not block the building entrance.
· Once out, stay out. Never go back inside a burning building.

If you cannot escape because you are blocked by fire or smoke or are unable to use stairs, find a place to shelter safely.

Seek shelter in a neighbor’s apartment or wait in the stairwell landing with the door closed. Firefighters will come up the stairs and help you down if necessary.

If there is fire or smoke in your building and OUTSIDE of your apartment:
• Stay inside your apartment. Keep the door closed.
• Use towels or clothing to block openings around doors or vents where smoke might enter.
• Keep windows and balcony doors closed to stop smoke from entering the room.
• Go to the window and wave so firefighters can see you, but do not open it.
• Do not wait in the bathroom or go out on a balcony.
• If smoke or fire enters your unit, call 9-1-1 to report your location. Stay low to the floor. Put a wet cloth over your mouth or nose.
• Firefighters will help you get out if it is necessary.


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