On June 8th, 2022 I captured footage of a “Rescue Heavy Major” call in central Seattle, for a person trapped under an overturned truck trailer. The victim was pinned by just their ankle, and they were successfully extricated by Seattle Fire crews. A second victim sustained a head injury while trying to avoid being struck by the trailer. Both victims were transported to Harborview.

After fire cleared the scene, crews went to work righting the trailer. They had to unload the bread from the flipped trailer, and remove overhead wires used by the trolley busses.

Unfortunately, the video ended up lagging behind the audio by quite a bit on this one. I thought about downloading fresh audio and trying to line it up, but I was working with over an hour of footage, and decided it would be more trouble than it was worth.

The first video I recorded started at 10:35 AM, and the last one started at 4:05 PM, so this was an all day incident.

The photo used (6:33) was from the SFD Twitter account.

Clip listing:
0:00 – Initial response
5:20 – Patient extricated
7:32 – Unloading truck and moving wires
8:20 – Lifting the trailer (time lapse)
9:28 – Aftermath


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