A full, almost unedited video of SFD’s Engine 27 putting out a car fire on April 2, 2022. The traffic camera of S Michigan Street & East Marginal Way S got a great view of the passenger car ablaze, and the firefighters who put it out.
Apologies for about three jump cuts in the video, I had to get the video under 15 minutes. STC#21

This channel and its content is inspired HEAVILY by LucasFirebuffing’s channel, “SeattleTrafficCams.” I highly recommend you check him out, his videos are very well made: https://www.youtube.com/c/SeattleTrafficCams

Follow me on Twitter for more details on each clip: https://twitter.com/SeaTrafficCams

The “Clip” System
To keep track of each clip, I number each one, for example, “STC#50,” which means “Seattle Traffic Clip number 50.” Each clip has its own number, so if you were to search “STC#39” into Twitter, the clip from my Twitter account would show up!


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