2018 treated me well, with some rare units, large responses and one 4-alarm fire. Here are the top 10 Seattle Fire responses I filmed last year; see below for more info on each one. Happy New Year!

#10 – 0:07 – First video of the new Engine 9.

Shortly after it was put into service, I caught Engine 9 responding with Ladder 8 to an AFA. Engine 9 is a 2017 Pierce Enforcer. Filmed 5/17/2018.
Original video: https://youtu.be/y6DtGwMTdEI

#9 – 0:19 – A different perspective

Engine 10 and Aid 5, seen from the top of the Smith Tower observatory.
Filmed 6/26/2018.
Original video: https://youtu.be/bLdVa90BHck

#8 – 0:34 – Brand new Ladder 4 (plus Battalion 6)

Station 2 took delivery of a new 2017 Pierce Arrow XT last spring. I finally caught it in July, responding to a water rescue call.
Filmed 7/11/2018
Original video: https://youtu.be/JYIfzqeYBgY

#7 – 0:53 – Marine 1 (plus Engine 36)

Seattle Fire’s Marine Emergency Response Team responds to boat fire, sinking vessels and other incidents on the water. They’re based out of Station 36 with Engine 36.
Filmed 2/15/2018
Original video: https://youtu.be/8dEJSMm0WOo

#6 – Marine 1 (old / reserve rig)
I’d seen Marine 1 a few times, but this was my first catch of the Marine Emergency Response Team’s old / reserve rig.
Filmed 9/23/2018
Original video: https://youtu.be/m9GgmOTXLbk

#5 – 1:41 – Ladder 6 and the Chief Parade
Ladder 6 responding to an apartment fire with the Safety Chief (SAFT2), Deputy Chief (DEP1) and Staffing / ICS support Chief (Staf10).
Filmed 10/27/2018
Original video: https://youtu.be/1LXgR1-Rhew

#4 – 2:30 – Chief Seattle Fireboat
The Chief Seattle Fireboat handles freshwater fires and incidents in the Seattle area. I captured it on the scene of a boat fire, plus responding to a 4-alarm fire.

Although I didn’t get video of it putting water on fires, I did capture some video of it demonstrating its water cannons at a Maritime Festival in May.
Fireboat tour / walk through: https://youtu.be/GtrQA6OKkps
At boat fire: https://youtu.be/m9GgmOTXLbk
Responding to 4-alarm: https://youtu.be/_36ZCZ86liA

#3 – 3:10 – Rescue 1
Always good to get the heavy rescue rig responding, and I just happened to be in a great spot for this one.
Filmed 3/10/2018
Original video: https://youtu.be/dWyduP70o1g

#2 – 3:32 – Air 260 and Air 26 (?)
Although I’d caught Air 9 / Air 10 in the past, this was my first catch of one of the large air cascade units. Air 10 (formerly Air 9) carries spare air tanks, but Air 260 and Air 240 are also able to refill the air tanks.
The unit with Air 260 looks similar to Air 10, but it’s based out of Station 26 (The SFD Wikipedia page lists it as Air 26).
Filmed 11/10/2018
Original video: https://youtu.be/_36ZCZ86liA

#1 – 3:59 – Hosewagon! (Hose 18)
SFD has two Hose Wagons. Hose18 is a 1995 E-One Protector, retrofit in 2015. It carries 500 gallons of foam (compared to 10 gallons on a standard engine) as well as 6000 feet of hose. I first caught it in August of 2018 responding to a rolled fuel tanker. I caught it again in November, responding to the 4-alarm fire.
Original videos: https://youtu.be/jjcBecMryVw

Thanks for watching!


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