A Washington state mother was arrested and charged this month after allegedly starving, beating and possibly injecting illicit drugs into her child, police said. Garlyn Grace was arrested in Georgetown after her boyfriend called 911 when her 6-year-old daughter was unresponsive. Grace was charged with first-degree assault of a child and first-degree criminal mistreatment for alleged abuse. She is being held on a $500,000 bond, according to court documents. On March 1, the Seattle Fire Department arrived on the scene and found that the girl had a weak pulse but was still breathing. Once the girl became responsive, she told authorities she was hungry and that “Mommy gives me whoopings” and “Mommy gives me owies,” according to the documents. The child told the officers she had been sleeping in the shower in which she also urinates and defecates in because she passes out if she stands up. Detectives later learned from Grace’s boyfriend, Jemell Chatman, that she had been sleeping in the shower for the last seven and a half months. Chatman told officers that as a form of punishment, the child had food withheld and some days would not get anything to eat besides crackers and water. The child said the last time she ate was when she had Fritos two weeks ago. Firefighters told officers that the girl appeared to be malnourished and was covered in bruises, the documents said. The child was taken to Seattle Children’s Hospital for assessment. Physicians noted there was extensive bruising and skin injuries to her face and other extremities. There was fluid build-up in her brain, damage to her respiratory system, a bruise on her left ear and a back injury. Doctors documented numerous injuries and signs of starvation. They also raised concerns of illicit drug injection because of her mental state when she arrived at the hospital and doctors found several puncture marks during a physical exam, the documents said. Police said Grace told detectives that her daughter had not been to a doctor in two or three years and claimed the injuries were self-inflicted. But Senior Deputy Prosecutor Christian Brown wrote in the charging papers that the girl’s injuries amounted to torture and the abuse had been ongoing since at least January of 2019. Officers asked why the child said the bruises were from Grace hitting her. Grace claimed her daughter was sneaky and held a grudge against her because she wouldn’t let her see her father, according to the documents. Grace’s boyfriend told police that he watched when Grace was “whooping” her daughter. He described the incidents as Grace holding down the child and hitting her with a belt or spatula, usually on her bottom. However, Grace would hit elsewhere if the child started to squirm, the documents said. Chatman also said that he saw Grace shake her when disciplining the child. He told officers that he didn’t want to get Grace in trouble but called 911 because he thought it was the right thing to do, the papers said. The court

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