[No Sound] It’s ultimate tiller time … time! Here’s footage I captured of Seattle’s 11 tillers (plus spare) responding to different calls, a look at some epic “Tiller Drift,” and tillers responding with other Seattle Fire units!

Seattle Fire has 11 tiller trucks in service; for some reason, there’s no Ladder 2 and Ladder 7 is now Rescue 1 Aerial (not a tiller). Tillers are great for maneuvering through Seattle’s crowded, tight, often twisting streets. They have a second driver who sits in the cab at the rear of the truck and steers the rear wheels.

Clip listing:
0:00 – Ladders 1 – 13 responding
2:07 – A few awesome examples of Tiller Drift
2:53 – Tillers responding with other SFD units


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