Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate has caused an historic staffing crisis within the Seattle Fire Department.

SFD is routinely turning units offline due to a lack of staff. The department is leaning on significant overtime hours to fill open 24-hour shifts. Not only does this lead to staff burnout, but SFD is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. But it’s still not enough.

From engines to aid cars, the department can’t find enough staff to fill vacancies on weekends. The “brownouts” will likely extend into weekdays, stressing a department that was understaffed before the vaccine mandate.

While the mayor finally acknowledged the staffing crisis at the Seattle Police Department, she’s been silent about the SFD problems.

Join your host Sean Reynolds, owner of Summit Properties NW, and Reynolds & Kline Appraisal as he takes a look at this developing topic.

Rantz: Seattle Fire turns units offline, spends hundreds of thousands in overtime

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