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▶︎Police rescue man from cold water in Seattle, Washington, United States, May 29, 2021 – Harbor units rescued a 31-year-old man yesterday who fell out of his kayak into the Puget Sound near Alki Beach. A harbor unit patrolling the water off Alki yesterday spotted what they believed to be an empty kayak around 3:30 pm. They went to investigate and spotted a man clinging to the side. The officers pulled the man aboard and immediately began treating him for exposure. The man, although wearing a life jacket, had been in the water for at least an hour and was near exhaustion. The harbor unit pulled his kayak aboard and rushed the man to a Seattle Fire Department boat that took the man to shore so he could go to the hospital. Please remember that the water temperature in the Sound is 52.3°F today. Hypothermia can set in as little as 15 minutes in water this cold. If you are going to be on the water, wear a life jacket.

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