Walk around this Enforcer™ Non-Walk-In HDR for Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority with Captain Brandon Phillips. The raised roof will allow department members to put their dry suits and power garments on inside the cab when responding to swift water rescue calls. There is also storage for rescue helmets and fire gear in a compartment in the cab. The City of Kent is an urban area, so they shortened the wheelbase by opting for a short bumper and a recessed growler. Overflow for driver’s gear, water gear, rope rescue, trench rescue, confined space, structural collapse and extrication needs are all on the driver’s side exterior compartments. Being in an earthquake zone, their 200 cubic feet a minute compressor is stored for running the pneumatic breaker and rock drills to breach concrete. Their vehicle extrication equipment is strategically placed because their spot policy requires the truck to be parked at a 45-degree angle while protecting the scene with the officer side in toward the accident. Off the rear of the apparatus there are 4 receivers and 2 power outlets with a winch.

Chassis: 70” Enforcer cab w/ 24” raised roof
Seating capacity: 4
Overall height: 11’ 1”
Overall length: 39’ 7.37”
GVW Rating: 70,800 lb
Front axle: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, 22,800 lb
Rear axle: Meritor RT46-160, 48,000 lb
Engine: Cummins X12, 500 hp, 1695 lb-ft
Safety: Side Roll and Frontal Impact Protection

Material: Aluminum
Shelving: Adjustable up to 500 lb
Doors: Rollup and Lap

Job Number: 35216
Dealership: Hughes Fire Equipment, Inc.


Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics

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