This is a house fire that we had on May 9th, 2015. The fire was confined to one bedroom with some minor extension into the attic. The house is balloon frame construction which is very typical in Newark.

I missed an good opportunity to order a transitional attack when the first engine arrived. A ten second blast through the front window might have been the key to a quicker knock-down.

The first arriving engine is a mutual-aid company. This is happening more and more in Newark as our on-duty staffing diminishes due to budget issues. The mutual-aid unit done a great job as always, but that isn’t by chance. We work well with our surrounding mutual-aid departments and include them in on our training when possible.

I post these videos so that others in the fire service might be able to learn from the good and/or the bad. Please keep your comments respectful. I have additional command-view videos on this YouTube channel as well as my other YouTube channel at

Use of my videos- My videos haves been uploaded for training purposes. Anyone may use this video in-part or whole for training purposes. If you have specific questions about the video you can contact me at Stay safe!


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