Here’s a grab bag of random responses from April, May and June of this year. Two of them (0:35, 0:58) were featured in my last Dashcam Responses video; this video has phone footage from the same responses (thanks to my wife for filming while I drove!).

Clip listing:
0:00 – Engine 21 responding
0:16 – Engine 18 responding against traffic
0:35 – Engine 2 and Ladder 4 responding, filmed from the car
0:59 – Engine 35 responding, filmed from the car
1:06 – Engine 35 responding
1:17 – Outro

Outro music: Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell, via the YouTube audio library.


emergency, fire, horn, lights, responding, response, Seattle, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics, SFD, siren, WA, washington

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