It’s that time again! Here are my 10 best Seattle Fire responses of 2020. I’ll list the clips below – read on further for more details about each clip and links to the original videos.

0:00 – Engine 21 blasts the airhorn
0:14 – Ladder 9 responding from quarters
0:35 – Engine 35 (spare) responding
0:52 – Engine 18 gets some air
1:01 – Engine 35 gets some air
1:09 – New chief rig / old chief rig
1:25 – Rescue 1 (spare) & Rescue 1 Aerial responding
1:36 – Hazmat 1 responding with Engine 10 & Ladder 1
2:05 – Hazmat 1, Engine 10 and Safety chief responding
2:22 – Ladder 8 (spare) responding
2:50 – Rescue 1 and Aid 14 responding (1 of 2)
3:17 – Rescue 1 and Aid 14 responding (2 of 2)
3:44 – Air 240 responding
4:11 – My face
5:11 – Outro

#10: Engine 21 blasts the air horn

This clip of E21 was captured as part of a larger response to a portable fire at Whitman Middle School in north Seattle. Filmed 8/19.

#9: Ladder 9 responding from quarters

Taken on one of my first socially distanced fire-buffing trips. On 4/8, I spent about an hour hanging out at Station 17 in the U-district.

#8: Engine 35 (spare) responding

I got a nice look at Engine 35’s spare rig in this clip from 8/5. They were responding back to quarters to pick-up Air 240, but were canceled just before they left the bay. It was my second time running to Station 35 in an attempt to catch Air 240 – I finally caught it about 3 weeks after this video.

#7: Engine 18 gets some air

Here’s Engine 18 hitting the intersection of NW 85th St and 15th Ave NW, and getting a little more bounce than expected. This was part of the same response to the middle school fire on 8/19.

#7b: Engine 35 gets some air at the same spot

Engine 35 gets some bounce at the same intersection; filmed 5/31.

#6: New chief rig / old chief rig

In 2019, SFD battalion chiefs traded in their Chevy Suburbans for new Ford F-250 Utility rigs. The Medical Service Officer (M44) is the last one still rocking a Suburban – here we see M44 and B2 responding to a water rescue in North Seattle. Filmed 7/18.

#5: Rescue 1 (spare) & Rescue 1 Aerial responding

In early February, I saw that Rescue 1 was responding in their spare rig, so I decided to drive down to the station to see if I could catch it. I pulled into the turn lane so I could make a u-turn and park, and while I was there Rescue 1 and Rescue 1 Aerial responded behind me. It’s not the best video, but it’s the first time I’ve caught the R1 spare or R1A responding, so I was glad to get it. Filmed 2/18.

#4: Hazmat 1 responding with Engine 10 & Ladder 1

This one was a heart breaker! I was perfectly positioned to get footage of Hazmat 1 responding to a gas leak when they got the “code-green” and turned off their lights. Engine 10 briefly put their lights and siren back on, possibly because there was a kid on the bridge (not me) waving to them. Filmed 5/11.

#4b: Hazmat 1, Engine 10 and Safety chief

I decided to include this one since I missed getting a close response of the Hazmat truck. This shows Haz1, E10 and Saft2 responding to a gas leak in Ballard. I drove several miles from Crown Hill, and just happened to arrive at the intersection right as they were coming through! Filmed 6/24.

#3: Ladder 8 (spare) responding

It’s fun to see something different, and I love the look of this older SFD tiller. I’m fairly sure this is a 2006 Spartan Gladiator; all the newer SFD tillers are Pierce trucks. Filmed 8/15.

#2: Rescue 1 and Aid 14 responding (x2)

It’s always a pleasure to catch Rescue 1, and I was able to film them twice this year. In the first clip, they’re responding to a water rescue at Golden Gardens on 4/10. I wish I’d filmed the dog next to me that was doing its best to compete with the sirens.
The second clip is from 8/6 and shows R1 and A14 responding to a person in distress who was hanging out of a 5th story window.

#1: Air 240 responding

Following the closure of Station 31, Air 240 moved from Station 24 to Station 35. This was the third time I’d run to 35’s to try and catch Air 240 going on a run, and this time it finally paid off! I caught distant footage of Air 260 responding back in 2018, but this was the first time I’d gotten a good look at one of the large air trucks heading out to a call.

And that’s a wrap for this year – thanks for watching! The start of 2021 will probably be slow, response wise (due to some family commitments) but I’ll do my best to get some good content up for you all to enjoy.

Outro: Silent Night (Instrumental Jazz) – E’s Jammy Jams, via the YouTube Audio Library.


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