On May 9th, 2021, I filmed Seattle Fire units responding to a fire in Ballard (north Seattle). This fire was on the first floor of an assisted living facility; thankfully the residents of the fire unit were able to evacuate on their own, and were not seriously injured.

I had to drive down from Crown Hill so I missed a lot of the responding units, but I was able to capture Ladder 4, a few engines, and Rescue 1 / Rescue 1 Aerial. I also sort of got the Safety Chief and Deputy Chief before my camera focus failed.

Somebody recognized me and sort of said hi – sorry, I couldn’t hear you that well due to the idling trucks! Also shoutout to @SeattleEmergencyResponses who I also saw on scene.

Clip listing:
0:00 – Ladder 4 responding, followed by Engine 41, Aid 10 and Engine 18
1:37 – Rescue 1 and Rescue 1 Aerial responding with SPD
2:19 – On-scene footage, and footage of parked fire units
3:02 – Changing out air bottles, and more on-scene footage
3:35 – Outro

Outro music: Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell, via the YouTube audio library.


5/9/21, Ballard, fire, responding, response, Seattle, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics, SFD, structure

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