Take a walk with us along Seattle’s historic Waterfront District. We’ll pass the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Great Wheel, famous local restaurants and gift shops, watch seagulls soaring and vying for handouts from passersby, ferry boats arriving and departing on Elliot Bay, and the snow-covered Olympic Mountain range across Puget Sound, all under spectacular blue skies and sunshine!

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All photos and videos on this channel are original content created and produced by Sunny Sky Travel.

Timeline for this video:
0:35 Pike Street Hill Climb – Pike Place Market down to Waterfront
2:15 Crossing Alaskan Way near Seattle Aquarium
5:15 The Seattle Great Wheel
7:10 Elliot Bay and Olympic Mountains
10:27 Crab Pot Restaurant outdoor dining
12:00 Argosy Cruise Ships
14:40 Ivar’s Fish Bar
15:00 Statue of Ivar Haglund feeding the gulls
15:50 Feeding the seagulls by hand
17:25 Seattle Fire Department Boats
17:37 Washington State Ferry Boats
21:21 Harbor Steps – University Street up to Downtown


Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Fire, Seattle Fire Rescue, Seattle Fire Medics, Sunny Sky Travel

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