A worthy cause and to give back to the community, the veterans at the Nisei Veteran Committee (NVC) opened the doors to the NVC Memorial Hall to host an COVID vaccination event on Saturday, 24 April 2021. This is the second of a two-time vaccination event sponsored by community partners from the City of Seattle, the Seattle Fire Department, Friends of Little Saigon, the International District Emergency Center, local volunteers, and volunteers from the NVC Foundation. The first event was approximately two weeks ago.

The NVC Memorial Hall provided a familiar and safe location for returning Japanese American Nisei Veterans from WWII, and we hope the Vets Hall provided the people of the community a safe and friendly location to receive COVID-19 Vaccinations. From USAF Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Michael Yaguchi, the NVC Commander about working with the community “. . . we really value the opportunity to partner with them to participate in their community vaccination event.”

Over 275 people were vaccinated, and no vaccinations went unused!


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