Denver Fire Department responding to a special rope-rescue incident at 1050 17th Street – Persons trapped in an elevator in a downtown high-rise building called for help.

On Friday Evening, Denver Fire Dispatch called out Truck 4 (the busiest ladder company in the entire U.S.!), District Chief 2 and Engine 6 for an “Elevator Rescue” – a daily routine incident. When I followed up to the scene not far away from Station 4, where I caught DC2 & T4, I heard on the radio, that firefighters on scene where confronted with an unknown problem and needed further assistance. So the dispatch center decided to call out the high angle rescue team, consisting of Tower 1 & Rescue 1 (the Tower 1 crew is specialy trained for rescue calls like Rescue 1 & 2 crews) with a supporting Engine Company, which was Engine 1.

Only a few minutes later, all units were on scene and able, to free the persons trapped. Thank you for your service and hospitality in several DFD Stations!

Units on scene:

“Elevator Rescue”
– Truck 4 (using a spare) – 2003 Pierce Lance 100′ rear mount aerial
– District Chief 2 – 2013 Ford Expedition
– Engine 6 – 2017 Pierce Velocity

“High Angle/Rope Rescue”
– Tower 1 – 2012 Pierce Velocity 100′ rear mount tower
– Engine 1 – 2016 Pierce Velocity
– Rescue 1 – 2008 Pierce Velocity walk around heavy rescue (based at station 11)

Videos taken on: August 10th 2018
Videos taken by:
► Lukas (Cam: Sony FDR-AX53)

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