January 23

Frustrations grow over vaccine availability


Plenty of frustration out there as people try to sign up for a COVID vaccination only to have the website crash. And when they do get in it is challenging to find an open appointment. This all happened when Governor Jay Inslee opened the next phase of people to get the vaccine on Monday. By opening to those 65 and older it means 1.5 million are now eligible and all trying to get in on one site.

Restaurants around the state are taking advantage of new rules that now allow for limited indoor dining. However, not every business will benefit from this because what’s needed is a building that promotes cross-ventilation naturally.

An investigation is underway after a Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant said she received multiple threats in her official email account. Sawant said the threats appear to have come from a Seattle Fire Department email address.

The state of Washington is now allowing more people to get the COVID-19 vaccine but many counties said they don’t have enough doses to get everyone in the next phase inoculated.

00:00 – Frustrations grow over vaccine availability
01:41 – Limited indoor dining returns
03:15 – Threatening emails to Seattle council member
05:16 – Vaccine availability
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