2 Person Mechanical CPR Alternate 2 – 2015

Seattle Fire Department, High Performance CPR, Training Video, 2015

AED Use – 2015

Seattle Fire Department, High Performance CPR, Training Video, 2015

Velocity® Ascendant® 100’ Heavy-Duty Tower – Patchogue Fire Department, NY

Take a walk around the Patchogue Fire Department’s newest member of their fleet, the velocity 100’ Heavy-Duty Ascendant tower! The body of the quint has nested ladder storage which is designed to accommodate 170’ of ground ladders. This mid mount platform has a camera that spots the stabilizer locations before they exit the aerial platform, which is displayed on the Pierce Command Zone advanced electronics system. The department wanted to maximize storage as much as they could. To do so, they added a toolbox within a compartment for power tools, placed peg boards inside compartments and added an EMS storage compartment.

Chassis: 60” Velocity® cab
Seating capacity: 6
Overall height: 11’ 1”
Overall length: 43’ 7”
GVW rating: 76,640 lb
Front axle: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, 24,000 lb
Rear axle: TAK-4 T3™ Independent Rear Suspension, 52,640 lb
Engine: Cummins X12, 500 hp, 1,695 torque
Electrical: Command Zone™

Device: Ascendant® 100’ Heavy-Duty Tower
Reach: 100’ vertical / 93’ horizontal
Pump: Waterous, 2,000 gpm
Tank: 300 gallons
Foam System: Husky 12
Foam Cell: 30 gallons
Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
Doors: Gortite roll-up

Job No: 33021
Dealership: Firematic Supply Company, Inc

Baltimore City Fire Department – 100′ Tiller

This Arrow XT Tiller deserves a video. Gary Metzbower, Deputy Chief from the City of Baltimore Fire Department shows you all the features of their new truck, and also explains why it fits the needs of the Baltimore community. To learn more about Pierce Tillers visit http://www.piercemfg.com/en/trucks/aerials/100-tiller/100-tiller.aspx

Velocity® Combination Rescue – Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue, VA

Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue chose the Velocity cab to maximize storage space. This includes multiple compartments for additional gear and equipment. The compartments are organized based on priority so they can grab frequently used tools efficiently. The Combination HDR features recessed electrical panels to utilize storage space in front of the panel effectively.

The walk-in body is temperature controlled. The grab handles on the ceiling allow them to hang equipment and gear to dry. There is also a ladder that folds down from the ceiling to access the escape hatch. This gives the crew easy access to the 3,000-lb anchor points on the roof used in rope applications. Two 9,000-lb anchor points are mounted on the rear of the vehicle. An air dump has been added to lower the apparatus so the axles are in contact with the frame. This prevents the rig from compensating for the air suspension in winch and rope applications.

The front bumper is customized with chain compartments allowing for a grab-and-go setup. It also features a 15,000-lb winch with easy access. The storage box on the driver’s side will be used for other equipment and gives the bumper a clean look.

Chassis: 84” Velocity® cab with 20” raised roof
Seating capacity: 5
Overall height: 11’ 5”
Overall length: 37’ 8.75”
GVW rating: 49,800 lb
Front axle: TAK4® Independent Front Suspension, 22,800 lb
Rear axle: Meritor RS26-185, 27,000 lb
Engine: DDC DD13, 505 hp, 1,750 torque
Electrical: Command Zone™
Safety: Frontal Impact and Side Roll Protection

Material: Aluminum
Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
Compartments: Custom equipment storage options

Job No: 33447
Dealership: Atlantic Emergency Solutions

Seattle fire department L11 Passive Entry techniques

Passive forcible entry techniques made possible with modified carpentry tools you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

HUGE CONVOYS of Fire Trucks Responding Code 3 to BUILDING FIRE in Montrèal!

A HUGE Repsonse of many Fire Trucks and engines from different stations from the Canadian city of Montrèal Fire Department / Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (SIM) are seen responding to a high rise structure fire in the downtown district with smoke showing. Units responding include the BRAND NEW Ladder 420, Rescue 613, Operations Chief 132, and an unmarked Dodge Caravan Supervisor Unit of the Montrèal Police Service / Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SVPM).

You can also see Engine 205 and Ladder 405 turning out of their home station, along with the station tones. Station 5 in the busiest firehouse in Quebec!

(C) DEV 2019

More info on fire truck collision

We’re beginning to learn more about the head-on collision between two fire trucks early Monday morning.

BRAND NEW Winnipeg Fire Truck Responding! (EQ2B & Horn)

Winnipeg Fire Department Engine 103 (using a spare), BRAND NEW Engine 101, and Squad 102 responding for a fire alarms call in downtown Winnipeg. WFD is leasing multiple stock/demo Pierce rigs, while specs for permanent replacement trucks are finalized.

I believe these new trucks will be in service for about a year, with plans to replace them with permanent trucks by next year. So far, WFD has 4 of these new Pierce trucks, with 2 of them currently being in service as Engine 101 and Engine 6 (video to come). I was told that all of the demo Pierce trucks are different configurations and set ups from each other, giving members the opportunity to experience multiple different styles of engine.

These trucks were brought in to help with the extreme shortage of front line apparatuses due to aging equipment, many trucks needing extensive repairs/servicing, and unforeseen circumstances, such as the recent stolen fire truck that led police on a wild chase through Winnipeg.
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