Rescue 50 Ride Along to 2A Strasburg Barn Fire and Helmet Cam (Screaming Q and Horn!)

On scene footage starts at 9:25

Rescue 50 responding to assist Station 05 on a 2 alarm barn fire. Crews held at manpower staging for some time, extinguished some mulch pile fires, and refilled air cylinders before clearing. Willow Street Fire Company. Taken 4/11/18

Rescue 50 is a 2002 Pierce Lance.

Another *large* Seattle Fire response! L9, L6, B6, E17, E21, E31, Air 10 and more!

On December 13, 2019, I filmed a large number of Seattle Fire units responding to a reported building fire in Ballard (north Seattle). Early reports suggest that it was an exterior fire, started by a transient, that spread to the interior of the building.

0:16 – Engine 21 responding
0:35 – Brand new Battalion 6 responding
0:56 – Engine 17, Ladder 9 and Engine 31 responding
1:33 – Aid 2, Ladder 6 and Seattle Police responding
2:14 – Engine 21 repositioning while Staff-10 and Air-10 respond
2:44 – On-scene footage
2:52 – Medic 31 responding
3:03 – Safety Chief and Deputy Chief responding
3:27 – Medic 44 (medical supervisor) responding
3:41 – On-scene footage
3:54 – Roof operations
4:12 – Closer look at the new Battalion buggies (B4 and B6)
5:04 – Rehab 1 arriving
5:25 – Switching air bottles at the Air10 rig
5:45 – Fire Buff support unit arriving
5:55 – SFD Fire Investigator arriving

At 4:41, you can see someone filming in the upper right window of the green and tan building. His video is here: and you can see me filming in the tan jacket!

Units dispatched:
Engines 9, 17, 18, 21, 31
Ladders 6, 8, 9
Aid 2, Medic 31, Medic 44 (Medical supervisor)
Battalions 4 & 6, Deputy Chief (DEP1), Safety Chief (SAFT2), Command/ICS chief (STAF10)
Air 10, Rehab 1, Marshall 5 (MAR5)

Outro music: Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell, via the YouTube audio library.

BVFD Ladder 3 Responding 10/15/16, (Ride Along)

Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department: Ladder Company 3 responding to the northbound Interstate 81 at mile marker 165 for a MVC involving a camper.

Ladder 3 – 2003 Sutphen with a 430hp Caterpillar C12 (1500/500), 75ft mid mount.

Captured with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Federal Q2B Siren, Code 3 V-Con Siren, and Grover Air Horns.

What’s Next SF: Replacing Fire Station 5

In 2010, the citizens of San Francisco approved an ESSER (earthquake safety and emergency response ) general obligation bond that included improvements to or replacements of the City’s 44 fire stations. During the assessment of Fire Station 5, which was built in 1956, it was decided that the cost of retrofitting it would be higher than the cost of replacement. Consequentially, demolition started in April of 2017 and the completion of this 21st-century facility is scheduled for the end of 2018.


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Live Rescue: Garage on Fire (Season 2) | A&E

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Firefighters respond to a fire engulfing a resident’s garage and determine it was caused by something that exploded in the recycling bin in this clip from “11.04.19”. #LiveRescue
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Fire Academy Week 6

In week 6 of SMFR Fire Academy, the recruits spent a lot of time in the classroom learning about hazardous materials responses. Technical decontamination training is featured in this episode. PIO Connor Wist went to a few days of early morning PT workouts to show the recruits doing weights and conditioning training in the gym and at the Castle Rock Incline.

Franktown Tender Accident – Lessons Learned

Last August, Franktown Fire Protection District experienced one of the worst days a department and their members can experience. Two of our firefighters were seriously injured in a rollover crash responding to a structure fire in another jurisdiction. We are revisiting that crash and discussing the lessons learned. Although this story is about a water tender, the message is for any department or business with resources utilizing air brakes. We hope that these lessons can improve the safety for all of our brothers and sisters in the fire service. The full video may have images that can be upsetting.

* Corrections –
Firefighter Wolfe continues to recover from a traumatic brain injury and this is the first time he spoke publicly about the accident. Firefighter Wolfe stated an incorrect, higher vehicle weight which has been pointed out by several video viewers.

During Part 2 the Firefighter misspoke and called the air dryer an air filter. A corrected version of the inspection is available by emailing the PIO contact below.

PIO contact –

Rescue 50 Ride Along to Building Explosion.

Rescue 50 responding to assist Station 905 on a Gas Leak that was soon upgraded to a dwelling after the house exploded. The house was evacuated when it blew, but unfortunatly one UGI worker was killed in the explosion. 3 others however, were rescue from the debris. Crews remained on scene for several hours getting the incident under control and cleaning up what they could. Willow Street Fire Company.

Rescue 50 is a 2002 Pierce Lance.

Seattle house fire spreads to two homes

Nine people were home at the time the fire started. All occupants got out safely

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