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KIRO News | Red vs Blue Challenge

Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Police are in a little friendly competition to see who can donate the most blood with Bloodworks Northwest by July 1. Sign up to donate and mention “SFD” (fire) or “SPD” (police) at registration.

CityStream: Fireboat Training

With 193 miles of waterfront to patrol, the Seattle Fire Department’s fleet of fireboats serve a critical mission. Whether it’s a shoreline fire, a boat in distress or a medical emergency on the water, a fireboat gets the call. But maritime response requires specialized training. That’s where the Maritime Academy comes in. The academy’s realistic 360-degree simulator provides authentic scenarios that help fire crews practice their response. Producer Ian Devier has a look.


Law enforcement and transportation agencies are joining forces, with the help of researchers from CoSSaR, to mitigate the traffic congestion resulting from major incidents on I-5 through Seattle.

CoSSaR is a joint venture between APL-UW and the UW Human Centered Design and Engineering department.

Stakeholders are Washington State Department of Transportation, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Police Department, Washington State Patrol, and King County Metro.

Spring 2018 report:

Seattle City Council Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans & Education Committee 6/26/19

Agenda: Public Comment; CB 119547: relating to a Community Service Officer program; Seattle Fire Department’s Race and Social Justice Initiative Presentation;King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s Launch Pad Program.
Advance to a specific part
Public Comment – 1:20
CB 119547: relating to a Community Service Officer program – 1:45
Seattle Fire Department’s Race and Social Justice Initiative Presentation – 48:37
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s Launch Pad Program – 1:13:26

Mr. Bumblebee Joins the Fire Department, 1983

Original format: 16mm, color, sound

An animated fire safety film starring Mr. Bumblesbee who joins the Seattle Fire Department to learn about fire safety. Produced and animated by the Seattle Fire Department.

Item 981, Record Series 2801-11, Seattle Municipal Archives

CityStream Splashback: Teen Fire Cadets

It`s not your average job training course. Then again, being a fireman isn`t your average job. Cameron Wong takes us to the classroom and training field to show us how some teens are getting an early career start.

Seattle Fire: live burn training

On May 8th, 2019, I filmed the Seattle Fire Department doing live burn training in north Seattle.

Although the burn I was there for took place in the back of the house, I was still able to get some cool shots of the smoke, firefighting operations, and rarely seen apparatuses.

Trial by Fire for Seattle’s Newest Firefighters

Shot listing:
0:34 – Engine 90 on location
0:38 – Ladder 90, plus the training trailer and some equipment
1:13 – Timelapse, waiting for the fire inside the house to catch / spread
1:52 – Firefighter is seen forcing a door
2:21 – recruits are seen dragging hose, followed by a call for water
3:40 – one of the hose lines can be seen charging
4:40 – lots of smoke
5:37 – short shot of some roof ops
6:22 – hosing down with the decon line
6:46 – pictures of some of the rare vehicles on scene, including Battalion 44 and Squad 10

Thanks for watching!

Outro music: Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell, via the YouTube audio library.

HP-CPR: BLS+with+ALS+Integration HD

Seattle Fire Department, High Performance CPR, Training Video, 2014

2015 – Tualatin Valley HP CPR ALS Engine Demo Video

Seattle Fire Department, High Performance CPR, Training Video, 2015

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