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*SEATTLE FIRE* [XXL Compilation!] – Fire Trucks, EMS & Police responding | Downtown Seattle

Seattle Fire Department, AMR & Police responding in the Downtown Area of the city to various incidents, including a reported structure fire and a heavy rescue.

Seen here are trucks from Seattle’s Fire Station 2 & 10 as well as Ambulances of the American Medical Response (AMR) and the Seattle Police Department.

The following vehicles are shown in the video:

00:00 – Engine 2 responding
00:48 – Engine 2 & Ladder 4 en route for a fire alarm
01:17 – Older Ford AMR Ambulance
01:41 – Engine 5 (cancelled) & Engine 10 responding for a car fire
02:59 – Aid 5 responding
03:18 – Aid 5 & Ladder 1 responding to a 7-per-rule medical response
04:18 – Medic 1 to the same incident
04:38 – AMR Ambulance to the same incident
05:42 – Battalion 4 responding
06:02 – Engine 2, Aid 2 and Ladder 4 responding to a technical rescue (cancelled at the station)
07:21 – Ladder 1 responding
08:15 – Aid 5 responding (from inside the station)
08:34 – Engine 10 & STAF 10 responding to a Full-Response-Structure Fire incident which was reported under control very quickly
09:09 – Seattle Police Units responding to the same incident
10:20 – On Scene Footage of the “Structure Fire”
11:49 – Aid 2 responding
12:13 – Engine 2 & Aid 2 responding
12:52 – Ladder 4 backing into Station 2

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Videos taken: June 2018
Camera: Sony FDR-AX53
► by Firescue112

Seattle Fire Department – Engine 22 Responding

**Please Read Description**
Seattle Fire Department Engine 22, Responding on an Aid Response Call.

Engine 22 – 2007 E-One Cyclone II (1500/500/10F) (Ex-Engine 2)

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Videos Taken – September 16th 2017

Ladder 12 Responding Seattle Fire Department (2006 Spartan Crimson)

Ladder 12 (Spare) Responding Seattle Fire Department (2006 Spartan Crimson)

Battalion 2 + Engine 25 – Seattle Fire Department responding

Engine 25 and Battalion 2 are here seen responding code 3 with lights and sirens from their fire station in Capitol Hill to a commercial fire in the Industrial District in Seattle. We also see a Ford Police Utility Interceptor of the Seattle Police Department not yielding for the battalion chief and then putting its lights and sirens on. The Seattle Fire Department responded with +- 15 fire trucks to this call.

Autopomp 25 en officier 2 van de Brandweer in Seattle zijn met spoed onderweg naar een commerciële brand.

LF 25 und ELW 2 Feuerwehr Seattle auf einsatzfahrt

Pompiers de Seattle en urgence.

Seattle, Washington , United States of America

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Top 7 Coolest Fire & EMS Stations in North America 2018. Best Fire Stations in North America

Amazing compilation of nicest fire & EMS stations in North America 2018
7. Dallas Fire Station 27
6. Seattle fire stations
5. San Francisco Fire Station 1
4. FDNY stations
2. Galveston, TX, Station 4
1. Brandon, Canada, Fire Hall No. 1

[Seattle] Fire Chiefs / Officers Responding Lights & Siren! (Compilation)

Captured here are various fire chiefs and officers of the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) responding to different emergency calls in the city with their Chevrolet response cars! First up we see Staff 10 (this unit is driven by a regular firefighter) responding from fire station 10 for a rescue. The clip was filmed from the second floor balcony of the station, while a firefighter kindly narrated the response. The Safety Chief, Operations Deputy and Battalion 2 soon follow. The next clips show Engine 10, Staff 10 and the Safety Chief responding to a structure fire in station 2’s area. The other clips show Battalion 5, Battalion 2 and Battalion 4 responding to desperate calls. THANK YOU to the firefighters of Seattle for your service and for welcoming me at your stations!


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– Filmed With a LUMIX GH4 –

NOTE: All videos are filmed and owned by myself! – TGG 2019 ©
LOCATION: Seattle, Washington State, United States
TAKEN: April – June 2018

Port of Seattle Fire Department DFW Training 2017

This is a little video of just some of the things we got to do down in DFW for training. We flew in Monday afternoon, trained till 9pm, trained all the next day, and flew home that night. The instructor’s down at DFW were top notch and we had a blast! Way to go D-Shift!